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If you're looking for a "one-stop shop" for learning BLE and Bluetooth 5 development in the shortest time possible, then you've come to the right place.

It has one simple goal: to help embedded developers master Bluetooth Low Energy & Bluetooth 5 development.

If you are:

  • looking for a no-nonsense complete guide that covers both the core concepts of BLE and Bluetooth 5 as well as practical implementation.
  • frustrated with the lack of easy-to-read & up-to-date resources for learning BLE and Bluetooth 5.
  • overwhelmed with the 2,800+ page Bluetooth specification document!  

then this book is for you.

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Joshua Horne, CTO

"This has become my go to guide for Bluetooth Low Energy development"

"The book has saved me countless hours of learning Bluetooth Low Energy. A lot of the confusion of reading blog posts and forums has been cleared away by the straightforward explanations in the ebook. This has become my go to guide for Bluetooth Low Energy development."

"I was able to get started developing in about an hour whereas some of my colleagues took days to get their development environment set up."

What's Included?

230+ pages (PDF) of real-world practical content including development environment setup, debugging techniques, exercises, and more.

Over 4 hours of video covering topics such as setting up your development environment, debugging, sniffing BLE packets, and power consumption measurement.

Complete tutorials and full source code for all exercises including a companion GitHub repository.

For embedded developers looking to learn and build a professional Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth 5 device.

Table of Contents 

Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Basics of Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Architecture
  • BLE Advertisements
  • BLE Connections
  • The Generic Access Profile (GAP)
  • The Generic Attribute Profile (GATT)
  • Bluetooth 5

Practical BLE Development

  • Introduction to the nRF52 SDK
  • Development Environment Setup
  • Main Project File Structure
  • nRF Development and Troubleshooting Tips
  • The “Hello World” Example
  • Debugging and Testing Your BLE Application
  • Reverse Engineering a Bluetooth Lightbulb

Practical BLE Application Design

  • GAP Design Guidelines
  • GATT Design Guidelines
  • Optimizing Power Consumption
  • BLE Security
  • Navigating the Bluetooth Specification Document
  • How to Choose a BLE Module/Chipset

Home Automation Project Implementation

  • Full Implementation of BLE Peripheral Device
  • Full Implementation of BLE Central Device
  • BLE Gateway Implementation
  • BLE Remote Control Implementation
  • Cloud Connectivity using nRF Cloud

Dave Elvig

"I wish I had read this earlier in my learning curve"

"The book is clear and consistent, and seems to cover the breadth of BLE. The book chooses a balance between broad coverage of BLE and it's several main vendors, but then honing in on Nordic Semiconductor to allow getting a real project done. The worst thing for me was timing... I wish I had read this earlier in my learning curve."

Video Tutorials

  •  Over 4 hours of practical step-by-step video tutorials
  •  Covers material not available anywhere else in an easy-to-follow video format
  •  15-25 minutes for each video tutorial
  •  Downloadable and streamable video files (watch anywhere)
Segger Embedded Studio Setup (Windows) Image
Segger Embedded Studio Setup (Linux) Image
Debugging nRF52 Applications in Segger Embedded Studio Image
Bluetooth Developer Studio Tutorial Image
Ellisys Bluetooth Tracker Sniffer Tutorial Image
nRF Sniffer (Wireshark) Tutorial Image
nRF Connect Tutorial Image
Nordic Power Profiler Kit (PPK) Tutorial Image
Navigating the Bluetooth Specification Document Image
Bonus Video: Bluetooth 5 Long Range Example Image
BLE Security Example Image
nRF Cloud Connectivity Example Image

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this book for?

This book is for any developer who has some basic understanding of embedded development on microcontrollers and is looking to learn about BLE and how to utilize it in their project. This will also serve well for someone who knows the basics of BLE on the mobile side and is looking to learn more about it on the embedded side.

Who is it NOT for?

It is not for someone who has zero knowledge of software development and no experience with C language development for microcontrollers. Not for the hobbyist, UNLESS you have some experience with software development and you’re willing to spend the time to learn through additional resources as well.

What if I want a team license?  

If you're looking to purchase this for a team and give several developers access to all the material, then contact me and I can work with you on that. Send me an email here.

What operating systems do the exercises/tutorials run on?  

All exercises and software tutorials are meant to run on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, and macOS). With the use of Segger Embedded Studio, you'll be able to set up your development environment and start developing on any operating system of your choice.

I'm a college/university professor, how can this book help me and my students?

Contact me to see how this can fit as the perfect material for a lab on wireless technologies and embedded systems. I guarantee you this book will serve as one of the most practical and industry-applicable classes they will take!

Mohammad Afaneh - Author of Bluetooth 5 Developer's guide

Why I Wrote This Book  

My interest in Bluetooth Low Energy sparked back in 2014. When I first started learning about BLE and how to develop applications on the embedded side, I spent hours, days, and weeks just researching and reading everything I can find on the topic. The learning curve was steep and going through the Bluetooth specification document was utterly frustrating!  

Over the years, though, things started to make a lot more sense and I became much more comfortable with the technology. Looking back, I wished there were better books and resources that targeted developers with more practical exercises and examples.  

It’s probably true for many other technologies, but I’ve found that many of the resources and books on BLE leave a huge gap when going from theory to practice. I would learn something interesting about BLE from the specification, but then find out that using it and implementing it for a given platform was very disconnected from what I read.  

In July 2017, I decided to write a book on Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy to help other developers starting on the same journey I had traveled before. I hope you will find it to be a great resource that can make learning BLE more fun and engaging!

Enter your email address to access the Table of Contents as well as a FREE Sample Chapter from the book.  

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Mohammad Afaneh - Author of Bluetooth 5 Developer's guide

About the Author

Hi! I'm Mohammad Afaneh, consultant, developer, founder of Novel Bits, and trainer in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) development. I teach everything I know about Bluetooth Low Energy development on my blog, through video tutorials, and at corporate training sessions around the world.

Have questions? See something missing? Contact me HERE.