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This is the one book I wish I had when I first started learning BLE! It has one simple goal: to help embedded developers master BLE & Bluetooth 5.

If you are:

  • looking for a no-nonsense complete guide that covers both the core concepts of BLE and Bluetooth 5 as well as practical implementation.
  • frustrated with the lack of easy-to-read & up-to-date resources for learning BLE and Bluetooth 5.
  • overwhelmed with the 2,800+ page Blueooth specification document!  

then this book is for you!

This book is touted as "The Missing Manual for BLE development"!

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"The book has saved me countless hours of learning Bluetooth Low Energy. A lot of the confusion of reading blog posts and forums has been cleared away by the straightforward explanations in the ebook. This has become my go to guide for Bluetooth Low Energy development."

"I was able to get started developing in about an hour whereas some of my colleagues took days to get their development environment set up."

Joshua Horne CTO

What's Included?

230+ pages of practical content including development environment setup, debugging techniques, exercises, and more.

Over 4 hours of video covering topics such as debugging, sniffing BLE packets, and power consumption measurement.

Complete tutorials and full source code for all exercises including a companion GitHub repository.

For embedded developers wanting to learn and build a professional Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth 5 device.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Basics of Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth 5.
  • Utilizing Bluetooth 5 for 2x speed, 4x range, and 8x advertising capacity.
  • Tutorials for using the essential BLE development tools.
  • Achieving optimum power consumption and battery life.
  • 12 Video tutorials covering power optimization, security, sniffing BLE traffic, and more.
  • Exercises using the Nordic nRF52840 (Bluetooth 5 support) development kit.
  • Example home automation project design, implementation, and source code walkthrough.

What’s the best thing about the book? The worst?  

"The book is clear and consistent, and seems to cover the breadth of BLE. The book chooses a balance between broad coverage of BLE and it's several main vendors, but then honing in on Nordic Semiconductor to allow getting a real project done."

"The worst thing for me was timing... I wish I had read this earlier in my learning curve."

Dave Elvig

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this book for?

This book is for any developer who has some basic undertanding of embedded development on microcontrollers and is looking to learn about BLE and how to utilize it in their project. This will also serve well for someone who knows the basics of BLE on the mobile side and is looking to learn more about it on the embedded side.

Who is it NOT for?

It is not for someone who has zero knowledge of software development and some experience with C language development for micro controllers. Not for the hobbyist, UNLESS you have some experience with software development and you’re willing to spend the time to learn through additional resources as well. 

Over $100 for an e-book! Are you CRAZY??

Hmm.. maybe I am! :-) But no seriously, this is based on how much effort was put it into this book, but most importantly how much it will save you and your company in terms of time and money. Think of it as a self-educational training package in an ebook format. No need to travel anywhere, and you can learn at your own pace. Also, this is a very practical book that will guide you, the embedded developer, on your journey of learning BLE from scratch. It’ll save you days and even weeks compared to other paths like reading the specification, or searching for blog posts online. Compared to training, the cost is minuscule, especially when you take into consideration any travel you’d have to do for training.

Do you offer a discount to students?

Absolutely! Just send me an email and include a photo of your college/university ID and I'll send you a discount code to use.

What if I'm a college/university professor?

Contact me to see how this can fit as the perfect material for a lab on wireless technologies. This book will serve as one of the most practical and industry-applicable classes they will take!

Enter your email address to access the Table of Contents as well as a FREE Sample Chapter from the book.  

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Mohammad Afaneh - Author of Bluetooth 5 Developer's guide

About the Author

Hi! I'm Mohammad Afaneh, consultant, developer, founder of Novel Bits, and trainer in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) development. I teach everything I know about Bluetooth Low Energy development on my blog, through video tutorials, and at corporate training sessions around the world.

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